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Anyone who has used Instant Messaging services, or has sent emails, is aware of emoticons...

reversi strategy book's PS2 ROMs section. Showing genre: Puzzle/Strategy/Simulation. Mobile optimized.Most wanted puzzle solutions: How to win at the Nim game?

The best collection of idle games, free online games, strategy games, puzzle games, adventure games and much moreStrategy Guide for Reversi & Reversed Reversi While there are many online guides to Reversi or Othello (see links below) there does not seem to have been much written ...Daily Jigsaw: Paintings. Expand your horizons! Daily Spot the Pic Icons. Spot the matching pair! Daily Spot the Panda. Spot the Panda! Daily Spot the Pic

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Free online games with new games added everyday! Play arcade games, puzzle games, sports games plus many more!Back to Contents. The game pieces flip very quickly, easily and (often) repeatedly , so it offers little advantage -- and in fact typically becomes disadvantageous ...This is the most comprehensive book ever published on Othello strategy. Authored by the 2001 World Othello Champion, this book was written for anyone, from ...